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 When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can haveno vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him. In the depth of winter,
I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. 
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Heera Anthony is acknowledged to be the best professional makeup artist in Amritsar. The reason behind being addressed as best bridal makeup artist & hair stylist in Amritsar is because he possesses immense talent & experience in this role.

He has been working as makeup & hair stylist since 1998. He has more than 19 year of experience in this field that helps him stand tall amongst other makeup artists in Amritsar.

Over the years in this profession, he has acquired several milestones that usually prove unattainable in the fashion field.

He is only considered as top wedding makeup artist in Amritsar. Although, he has worked with several celebrities & renown models as well.

He has collaborated with famous Bollywood actor and actresses including big names as Shahid Kapoor and Huma Qureshi.

Along with that, he has also teamed up with several media houses and decked up models for advertising campaigns.

He takes booking from all over the world. Up to now, he has worked with towering brands including LAKME FASHION WEEK, PUNJABI INDUSTRY, AWAJ PUNJAB DI, BOLLYWOOD , SHAHID KAPOOR WEDDING, FASHION SHOWS.


Why You Should Choose Him:


“An Artist is not paid for his/her labor, but for his/her vision” – James Whistler.  It is the most important reason why you should choose Heera Anthony to decorate you on account of your wedding and other auspicious functions.


Every girl-soon-to-be-bride yearns to appear like a million dollar on their wedding.


So, to accomplish their desires, they put immense emphasis on choosing top wedding to makeup artist. They want a makeup artist to understand their desires and assist them to fulfill their desires using their brush and makeup kit.

Hence, if you are in Amritsar resident and going to be married soon, so visit Heera Anthony Beauty & Hair Salon in Amritsar.

At Heera Anthony beauty salon we understand how important your appearance matters to you on any special occasion. So, we assure from our end that you appear best on your wedding day or other special occasion and your face does not look like too artificial or binged up face.


Heera Anthony being the best bridal makeup artist in Amritsar understands what color or makeup will suit you and work immensely hard to attain the best look to you at your wedding.

A Good makeup artist customizes your appearance for every occasion where you look your best. And Heera Anthony understands it very well, he believes, if it is bridal makeup, so a bride must look gorgeous and should steal the show.

His versatility and experience as a makeup artist in Amritsar is unbeatable.

Not only as a top wedding makeup artist, but he is also recognized and appreciated for best party makeup artist in Amritsar.

So, if you are overwhelmed on the internet sorting through many bridal websites or Facebook pages, so it's time to halt. And consider the best makeup artist in Amritsar Heera Anthony.

He will make your wedding and other auspicious function unforgettable experience for you.

Thus, to attract all eyeballs on you visit Heera Anthony Beauty & Hair Salon.